Presto, Email for the Elderly

Presto is a service that will allow you to email or send photos to a special HP printer attached to a telephone line. It's kinda like a fax, but not really. I would love to get this for my Grandma.

"How Presto Works
After signing up for the Presto Service, simply plug the HP Printing Mailbox into an existing phone line and AC power outlet, and you’re ready to go. No new phone line required.
Step 1. Family and friends send email and digital photos like they usually do from their computers and mobile phones.
Step 2. The Presto Service converts these messages into beautiful, ready-to-print layouts from the HP Printing Mailbox.
Step 3. The HP Printing Mailbox automatically prints messages when you want, on your schedule—several times a day."
- Presto

[via TechCrunch]

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