dabombdgd = cl4I3()^^I3cl6cl

cl4I3()^^I3cl6cl is leet or l337 for dabombdgd. As internet chat evolves, the codes such as LOL, LMAO, IMHO, etc. will become normal computer lingo norms. Check out this l337 translator.

"Leet (1337) is a sociolect variety used primarily on the Internet, particularly in online games. The term itself is derived from the word Elite, meaning “better than the rest,” and generally has the same meaning when referring to the hacking skills of another person.

Leet can be defined as the perturbation or modification of written text. For example, the term leet itself is often written l33t, or 1337, and many other variations.[1] Such perturbations are frequently referred to as “Leetspeak."
- Wikipedia

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