Mac OS X Support

SO I am having to support Mac in my household and I am not entirely happy about it. Being the husband of the year that I am, I have found some really good Mac Support sites, most of which are from the main Apple site...

From Windows to Mac Tips

I would never make this switch, but I know others who have or will shortly.

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Surf the Pipe Dude!

How rad are you? Find out by surfing the pipe.

What was that song that just played on the radio?

Never miss out on that favorite song that played on your favorite radio station again that you can't remember the artist or title of.

"Just enter in your zip code or the radio station call letters. Yes will show you a list of real-time songs, as well as a handy 24 hour look-up so you can see exactly what was playing at 4:20 AM. If you really like the song, you have the option of buying it on iTunes." - LifeHacker

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Paper TV Guides are Becoming an Extinct Species

TechCrunch has a comparison article about online TVGuides. It's worth a look.

Coffee Snorting Good Times with Liquid Nitrogen and a Watermelon

This is pretty funny, but DON'T try this at home.

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LifeHacker's Blog Editor Comparison

Lifehacker had a user poll on blog editors and the results are in.

BoxCloud File Sharing App

"Its pitch is "Dead Simple File Sharing" and indeed it's pretty simple. Once you've installed the BoxCloud client--available for Windows, Mac and Linux--you add contacts and groups, then when you want to share a file or folder you just drag it to the contact or group you want to share it with. BoxCloud will send them an e-mail telling them your BoxCloud URL (or you can just tell them to go to yourname.boxcloud.com)."
- DownloadSquad

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MSDN Library is Free for Download

Microsoft is now offering its MSDN Library free for download. They do offer it online, but it's nice to be able to work offline and have the MSDN Library at your finger tips.

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Wikipedia's "Cite this Article" Feature

Wikipedia now has a "Cite this Article" feature for it's site. Not sure you can use wikipedia as a reference for most academic papers, but it could be used as a quick reference to a specific citation style...or you could use McGill's Online Reference as well.

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How do I get rid of JUNK software on a new computer?

I just bought a new laptop and it was loaded with all kinds of games, AOL, Roxio, etc. software. I tried removing all of the junk software through add/remove programs in the control pannel, but it just didn't git-er-done. I reformatted the hard drive and re-installed windowxXP, but it would have been nice to try out the de-crapifier uninstall software.

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IE7 Deployed as an Auto Update

"Microsoft will deliver the next version of its Internet Explorer (IE) browser to consumers via its Automatic Updates (AU) service, but the company will give enterprises a tool to make corporate desktops bypass the update."
- InforWorld

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30 Hornets vs. 30,000 Bees

WOW!...Hornets are like the kungfu masters of the insect world.

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HALO2 Lessons

People actually pay to get gaming lessons!? LMAO...I'll give them for free! Just join my game anytime I am playing XBOX360.

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Sleep Wear Taken to a Whole New Level

So it's a sleeping bag and a change of clothes?

"Selk'bag is a sleeping system which allows to dress with your sleeping bag, giving a maximum mobility and comfort in periods of rest in a tent or outside it..."
- musuchouse.com

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Summer, summer, summertime, Time to sit back and unwind

Summers seems to reach an all time high each year lately. I play outdoor sports and sometimes I forget basic health precautions to take for these record high temperatures. The MayoClinic.com has some good tips and advice if outdoor exercise is a must.

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How far will a gallon of paint go?

We just repainted two rooms in our house and had a whole gallon of paint left over. It would have been nice to have a paint calculator around.

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A cheat sheet to links for cheat sheets...oh the irony.

Here is are a few links to links of cheat sheets...

  1. mypage.bluewin.ch
  2. ilovejackdaniels.com
  3. econsultant.com
  4. TextPad
  5. Perl

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Out of this World Vacation

Want to take a vacation that is out of this world? Well for $20 million you can make that vacation come true on the International Space Station (ISS.) This trip would include six months of cosmonaut training and a 10 day spaceflight mission. For an additional amount of $15 million, you can also take a spacewalk option which includes 1.5 hours outside of the space station. So for $35 million you can have a 10 day voyage in space with a casual space walk.


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MTV has changed.

MTV has changed within the 25 years that it has been on the air. It was a pioneer of music video and reality television. MTV also brought the grunge and hip-hop movements to the forefront of our society. Isn't it ironic that it doesn't even play videos except for the cheesie TRL in the afternoon and has also ran reality television into the ground and is partially to blame for ruining mainstream television. Most people use MySpace, YahooMusic or YouTube to get a fix for music videos instead of having to sit around hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite video on TRL. With all of this being said, I still click through MTV when channel surfing. I can't look away!

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Blog Talk Radio

"Podcasts are fun to listen to, but they’d be even cooler if you could listen live and IM your feedback to the host in real time. The soon to launch service BlogTalkRadio will make that possible."
- TechCrunch

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Pistol Wimp

This site has a great collection of videos with titles ranging from "Schoolhouse Rock: I'm Just a Bill" to "Natalie Portman: Gangsta Rap."


Water Drawings from the Bessel Function

I don't even know where to begin, so I will just quote the site...

"Some clever fellas at Akishima Laboratories, in Japan, have come up with a way to “draw” words and pictures on the surface of water, using an enclosure surrounded by 50 wave generators. The image is created by water pixels formed from the simultaneous intersection of all those waves. As you can imagine, a powerful computer is needed to perform the complex Bessel Function calculations involved in creating this effect."
- OhGizmo.com

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Amazing Drawings

These drawings do look alive. Here are also some cool pavement drawings...

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Outlook and Local Live Plugin

I just installed the Local Live Beta plugin for Outlook and it works like a charm. You can get directions and insert a map into your meeting request. Good times.

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Two Lumps Comic Strip

I am not a cat person, but my wife has two of them (Chico & Leo) for pets. The Two Lumps comic strip is almost identical to our household of cats.


How good or useless is your popup blocker? I use Avant Browser and it blocked 75% of the popup tests.

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Flowers are a Waste of Money

Tired of wasting money on flowers that just wither and die? Send a unique gift to celebrate a special occasion that will be beautiful and tasty!! Edible Arrangements makes artistic bouquets from fresh fruit and delivers them to the recipient’s door. Comparable in price to the traditional floral bouquet, these fruit arrangements have the added benefit of being a healthy snack instead of mulch!


Girls are Pretty - Blog

This has got to be the wierdest blog I have read thus far.

Goblins - Online Comic Strip

A friend of mine turned me onto this weekly comic 4 months ago and I have been hooked ever since. It makes fun of RPG games like dungeons and dragons, but it's from the characters' perspective within the game.


Voice Communication Solution

A web service that delivers voice mail to email and you can get a private number to boot.

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Record and submit video from a webcam as a video post card.

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Ethereal is da-bomb!

I had a network issue where I could not see any of my home network computers from my laptop, so a friend of mine came over and he helped me troubleshoot some more. We finally pinned it down to an issue with the laptop having the wrong DHCP node type. It was set to peer-to-peer instead of hybrid and this was causing NETBIOS translation to not work correctly. We used Ethereal to pinpoint the issue. It allowed us to see the network activity that the laptop was sending and receiving or NOT.

"Ethereal® is used by network professionals around the world for troubleshooting, analysis, software and protocol development, and education."
- Ethereal.com


What's on My Bookshelf?

Book lovers should get a kick out of WhatsonMyBookshelf.com. This will compliment the posting of Book Lover's Rejoice. "How it works:
First, a member registers a book which receives a point value based upon its new book price. Then, a user requests a book by redeeming some of their credits. Finally, the sender ships the book, and once delivered, will receive the requester’s credits. Members also control the categorization of books. Unlike a library or bookstore, the organization of books depends upon personalized tagging rather than traditional categories or numbering schemes."
- WhatsOnMyBookshelf.com

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Telephone Tips for Making European International Calls

How does one make an international call? I have no idea, so here are some cool tips for that European-international-call-occasion.

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20 Questions

Is it an animal, vegetable or mineral? This is how it starts and the site, 20Q.net, just gets smarter as more people play it. I was thinking of Norton Antivirus and it didn't guess it. I WIN !!

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Guide to Useless Windows' Services

What services is Windows running in the background and can I get rid of them or at least disable them? Find out how and what is going on at TechTree.com.

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Starbucks Maniac

Winter is a man on a mission. A mission that consists of visiting every Starbucks in the Galaxy. He has to complete Earth first. This is a pretty amazing story and he is currently to date at 5558 stores visited.

"It is his routine to drink a half-cup of coffee at each Starbucks he visits, and he customarily photographs each cafe as well." - UrbanEola

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CRT vs. LCD is a good question and BestBuy.com has an informative article on how to decide. I prefer LCD just for the cool factor.

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Google Phonebook

Google Phonebook is pretty cool. I also use AnyWho.com.

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PayPal vs. Google Checkout

PayPal and Google Checkout are currently battling it out. See what c|net has to say about the comparison.

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XBOX 360 - Nyko Intercooler vs. Pelican Fan Stand

Nyko Intercooler vs. Pelican Fan Stand comparison by console.hardocp.com. I bought the intercooler myself.

What is Net Neutrality?

"Network Neutrality" is a hot topic and LifeHacker references a good primer article from HowStuffWorks.

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I am currently trying out OpenDNS.com to see if it will help out with Phishing and Pharming attacks and to see if it will increase performance.

I also came across a site called FraudWatchInternational.com which has an extensive collection of known phishing sites.

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MovieLink - Downloadable Movies Site

I think we will see a lot more sites like this in the near future. Movie companies are going to have to move to this format to stay competitive...IMHO. ;-)

"Movielink lets you legally download movies, TV shows and other popular videos for rental or purchase. Watch them on a PC, TV, or laptop for traveling – even without being connected to the Internet."
- MovieLink.com

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Match made in Heaven?

"If you love YouTube, or want to see great videos on your Media Center fresh off the Web, then YouTubeMCE is the idea product for you. Giving you the ability to browse and search YouTube from the comfort of your own loungeroom, it will bring a constant stream of new, fun videos to your TV."
- push-a-button.com

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Virtual Bubble Wrap?

Virtual bubble wrap to snap and pop that stress away. Today is a good day!

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Go White Boy!

The title says it all !!

Best Robot Dancer

He be poppin, lockin and breakin.

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$100 Dollar Bill Ya'll

The Blueprint for Financial Prosperity blog has some strategies to turn $100 into more with the use of certain Bank promotion offers.

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