People learn howto do thangs in different ways. HowToons has comics that teach ya howto do thangs. I always learned best by reading comics. ;-)

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/* Cool Tool Whatchamacallits */

I can't say enough good thangs about CoolTools. Here are the last ten CoolTools that I marked as favorites.

  1. Redfin
  2. Rule The Web
  3. Military-Grade CamelBaks
  4. Credit Card Survival Tool
  5. Atwood Mini Tools
  6. Go-Ped
  7. S.W.A.T. Tactical Sport Boots
  8. Tire Tote
  9. Ridgid Oscillating Belt & Spindle Sander
  10. ECOlogical Calendar
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Bringing Archived Items Back From the Grave

LifeHacker has a great article on where to look for archived items in the areas of historical, multimedia, print media, science, web-specific and government information. There are lots of other archive links in the user comments.

Some of my favorite archive links are:


Shadow Puppet Show

Maybe it's late (dang I'm old!) or maybe this shadow puppet show is just good entertainment. You be the judge.


Do you have cords that are strewn all over behind your computer and such? Well the CordHog can help alleviate the eye sore of messie cables. CordHog.com is selling them 6 for $6.

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Mobile BBQ Pit

Well I have seen almost everything imaginable that can be associated with BBQ. I would love to have this mobile BBQ pit.

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Movie Studios and HD-DVD VS. Blu-ray

SO what format to go with? Most gamers have decided their fate by the gaming console they bought. PS3 gamers are Blu-ray and XBOX 360 gamers are HD-DVD. As an informed consumer, I would like to know which movie studios are supporting which format. Gizmodo has a nice break down of movie studio to HiDef media.


IGN: Halo3 FAQ

Halo3 is just around the corner. IGN has an FAQ primer to get you pumped.

Set, Hike...One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi

Well I can't talk about BBQ without mentioning Football this time of year. The NFL now has RSS feeds to track your favorite team's NFL updates.

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Homeade BBQ Sauce

I have perfected the art of Hickory smoking brisket, ribs and chicken. All I need now is the ability to make my own rub and my own BBQ sauce. BBQRecipeSecrets has some starter recipes for BBQ sauce that are a nice starting point for tomato, vinegar or mustard based BBQ sauces. BBQRecipeSecrets also have basic rub recipes as well.

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HD-DVD Just Got a Shot in the Arm

Paramount Pictures is dropping its support for Blu-ray and is going exclusively with HD-DVD. This is a huge shot in the arm because it also includes all of the Dreamworks' titles as well.

"The competition between Blu-ray and HD-DVD has kept confused consumers from rushing to buy new DVD players until they can determine which format will dominate the market.

Studios and retailers have been choosing sides.

"Spider-Man 3" will only be available in the Blu-ray DVD format when it is released by Sony (nyse: SNE - news - people ) Pictures.

Likewise, people with Blu-ray players won't be able to enjoy the action-thriller "The Bourne Ultimatum," which Universal Pictures will release only in HD DVD."
- Forbes

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KODAK: HowTo Take Pictures of Your Baby

KODAK has their top ten tips on howto take baby pictures. I could use some good tips!


Zune and XBOX 360

So you want to access media on your computer from your XBOX 360? Well you can use the Zune software, Windows Media Player and your XBOX 360 to git-er-done! XBOX.com has all the details.


The Mysterious Sliding Rocks of Racetrack Playa

SO there are 700lb. moving rocks in a desert that no one has seen move, but there are erratic trails left in their wake. It is an unexplained phenomenon. See what the United States Geological Survey (USGS) has to say about it.

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Trigger Bunnies

Bunnies all over the world are upset about the cruel treatment of their brethren and the despised market of lucky rabbit feet. TriggerBunny is a site dedicated to armed rabbits of the world.

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Proper Men's Room Etiquette

The Urinal Game is a Flash game that has been around since the late 90's. It will truly test your men's room etiquette and could possibly save your life. ;-)

Dinosaurs and Drifting

I never thought that anyone could combine dinosaurs and drifting racing into a single idea. Nicely did!

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A Flash Flood as It Develops

I have never seen a flash flood as it develops. This YouTube video is a pretty cool shot of how fast and furious flash floods develop.

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LogMeIn - Remote Access & Desktop Control

Ever needed to control your desktop at home remotely from work or while on vacation? LogMeIn.com has just the solution for you. This solution also is free and uses 128bit encryption. LogMeIn.com also has a Pro version that is not free, but uses 256bit encryption.

"What are the system requirements for LogMeIn?

Target PC (the computer that you will access remotely):

  1. Windows 98, 2000, XP, and Server 2003.
  2. Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox 1.0 or later.
  3. A computer always connected to the Internet via cable modem, ISDN, or DSL.
  4. On Windows NT/2000/XP/Server 2003 you must be a user with administrative privileges to install the software. You can check your current username or add new users to your PC by opening the Control Panel on your PC and clicking on User Accounts.
Local PC (the computer you will use to access the Target PC):
  1. To remotely access your Target PC, all you need is any computer connected to the Internet or any web-enabled Pocket PC device."
- LogMeIn.com


Office 2007 SMS Link

Ever wanted to use Outlook 2007 to send a text message to a friend's? Well Microsoft's SMS Link allows this to occur.



"Q. What do I need to get SMS Link?
 A. You will need:

  • A computer with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
  • An Internet Connection through your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • A mobile phone with a wireless plan from a wireless service provider"
- Microsoft