Afraid that your current online photo service might go "South for the Winter?" Well a little software package called Migratr will snipe that worry right out of the sky.

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Phishing Quiz

Do you know how to spot a phishing scam? McAfee SiteAdvisor has a phishing quiz to see how good you are at spotting a fake.

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Create Your Own Simpson's Avatar

I have created my Simpson's Avatar. It's SO life-like...

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/* Cool Tool Whatchamacallits */

Here are the last ten CoolTools that I marked as favorites.

"A wise man will make tools of what comes to hand."
- Proverb
  1. Trix Tick Remover
  2. EZ-RJ45 Crimp Tool
  3. Tire Sparx
  4. Spear & Jackson Rabbiting Spade
  5. Tubtrug Buckets
  6. Dovetail Markers
  7. Black & Decker Alligator Lopper Chainsaw
  8. Grease Blotter
  9. Just For Copper Solderless Bonding
  10. Pedalite Bike Pedals

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Shoes that Would make BigFoot Jealous

Vibram FiveFingers are the latest rage! If you ever go camping and you wear a size 11+, then be careful someeone doesn't mistake your hiking tracks for that of the infamous Sasquatch.

"FiveFingers® footwear frees you to relive that sensation. Unlike conventional shoes that insulate you from your surroundings, FiveFingers footwear deepens your connection to the earth and your natural environment. It enhances your tactile sense of touch and feel, making you acutely aware of your body and dramatically improving both balance and agility. Because wearing Vibram FiveFingers is so close to going barefoot, you enjoy the health and performance benefits of barefooting without some of the risks."
- Vibram

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Squished Animal CD Holder

This is such a weird CD holder that I had to blog it. Squished Animal CD Holder is available from Wrapables.com.

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Trade Video Games with Peeps on Swopster

Signup for free and list out the games you would like to trade and Swopster will connect you with others looking to trade. I always go to GameStop and get 0.01% trade-in value for my old games, so Swopster seems like a better way to go.

"Using our online database of games, you simply select the games you currently have and would like to swap in your SwapList. Then select the games you would like to own in your WishList.

Swopster immediately figures out exact and potential game swaps and allows you to choose which other Swopster users you'd like to swap with. Once another user has agreed to swap with you, you then simply send your used game to them in the post and wait for your new game to arrive."
- Swopster

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Video Capture and Compression Tools

I am trying to find a digital camcorder and video editing & compression software that will minimize the cost to my wallet. The LifeHacker - optimize your videos for youtube article has comments that suggest the following FREE software packages:

The digital camcorder I am leaning towards is the Canon HV10.

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No more paying $1.50 for 411!

GOO411 allows for free 411 information versus paying your service provider $1.50 per call. Google also has a Google Mobile web site that has other useful apps as well. You can also go directly to their mobile site on your phone using the Google Mobile link.

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YouTube Video Optimization

Crunchgear has a cool article on optimizing video for YouTube. This is cool because I just started loading videos and need all the help I can get. I can't afford Adobe Premiere ($799), but have heard good things about ULEAD ($99.99) and QuickTime Pro ($29.99). I have used Microsoft MovieMaker for now since it is free, but I am about to invest in a video cam and will be making a software investment as well. DownloadSquad also has a cool article on audio/video codec installers.


Wookiepedia - The Legacy of Darth Plagueis

Wookiepedia is a Star Wars encyclopedia. I thought it was cool due to the Darth Plagueis entry.

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Gamer Sites - On Like Donkey Kong

Where do you go to get the 411 on video games? ebizmba.com has the top 25 gamer sites, so you can stay competitive and informed. I personally use IGN for most of my gamer reviews, videos, etc.

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Stork Bites and Angel Kisses

Well the ol' blog will be down till 7-16-2007 due to a new arrival in our household. I love being a rookie daddy!