Trade Video Games with Peeps on Swopster

Signup for free and list out the games you would like to trade and Swopster will connect you with others looking to trade. I always go to GameStop and get 0.01% trade-in value for my old games, so Swopster seems like a better way to go.

"Using our online database of games, you simply select the games you currently have and would like to swap in your SwapList. Then select the games you would like to own in your WishList.

Swopster immediately figures out exact and potential game swaps and allows you to choose which other Swopster users you'd like to swap with. Once another user has agreed to swap with you, you then simply send your used game to them in the post and wait for your new game to arrive."
- Swopster

[via DownloadSquad]

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