Improve Your Firewall Security

ITSecurity has some tips on improving your firewall security. The only sure security is to completely shutoff or hibernate your computer when it is not in use. With a home network file server, that is easier said than done with multiple users banging on it at various times of the day.

ITSecurity Firewall Improvement Tips:

  1. Install SP2 on your Windows system
  2. Enable auto updates for your firewall
  3. Tweaking the settings for your usage
  4. Keep settings consistent across the networks
  5. Add multiple layers to your PC and security system
  6. Use strong passwords
  7. A 128-bit WEP encryption on your wireless network (WPA2 is better than WEP)
  8. Standby is your PC's best friend
  9. TEST #1: Looking for leaks
  10. TEST #2: Checking the ports

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