DIY Home Network

Wired Gadget Lab's has a cool blog entry about DIY Home Network Projects. The comments is really where the gold is on this entry. Users commented on all kinds of setups and configurations. Below is mine.

Home Network

  1. Wireless 4-port Router
  2. Wireless Print Server
  3. Windows Server 2003 with two (RAID1) 160GB drives as the main file server.
I have my laptop(s) and gaming console on the network as well. The only glitch in my home metwork is my wireless print server. It is a version 1 and is not very stable with WPA2. For what ever reason, it is always disconnected. The RAIDed file server is running a cheapo PCI RAID card that could do RAID5, but I just went with RAID1 for frugal reasons. What is your configuration?

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