Vitamin C

How Vitamin C works is discussed at HowStuffWorks. The article though that got my attention was an article titled "How Much Longer Can Modern Medicine Ignore Evidence That Vitamin C Prevents Heart and Blood Vessel Disease?" SO then I got on my Vitamin-C-Google-Pony and went for a ride around the Internet to see what I could find. One of the biggest proponents I found for Vitamin C was the VitaminCFoundation.org. What other supplements do you take and why?

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Josh said...

Vitamin C is great, but be carefull when giving it, or any vitamin, to kids. Too much Vitamin C over a long period of time can deplete the body's copper stores causing temporary color blindness. Vitamin C also binds to calcium and can cause weak bones, cavities, or even stunt growth. Admittedly, these condition are rare -- but I wouldn't risk my child's health on it.