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I haven't posted a Cool Tool Whatchamacallits in a while, but I do keep track of all of the good stuff coming out of CoolTools. Here are the last twenty CoolTools that I marked as favorites.

  1. AO LED Safety Glasses
  2. Rules of Thumb
  3. Eagle Creek All-Terrain Money Belt
  4. Scooba Floor Scrubber
  5. Balikbayan Box Cover
  6. Doc Allen's VersaTool
  7. Panasonic Blood Pressure Monitor
  8. Utrition Liquid Vitamins
  9. Headsweats Coolmax Skullcap
  10. FuBar Demolition Tool
  11. Halo Headband
  12. Black Stallion Cowhide Welding Jacket
  13. Millepede Cable Ties
  14. Peltor Kid Earmuffs
  15. Schroeder Hand Drill
  16. Apex Mechanical Pencil
  17. Cox Wexford Caulk Gun
  18. Wi-Fire Range Extender
  19. Plan Station Portable Workstation
  20. Calisto Pro Hands-Free Phone System
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