El Dorado Royale

R&R is good for the mind, body and soul. I finished my last day of hell week at school and then went straight into vacation. On vacation at the spa resort I had limited access to the Internet and roaming charges in Qu. Roo, Mexico were over a $1/minute, so access to technology was limited which was really nice.

El Dorado Royale is a really beautiful resort located about 30 minutes outside of Playa Del Carmen. The resort is all-inclusive, so we ate and drank till our bellies were full 3 square meals a day and then napped on the beach after each meal. The most activity I had was playing water polo, water volleyball and walking to restaurants located across the resort. I also got my first full body massage. It was very relaxing!

Well blog posts will be back up and running and reality has sunk back in and paradise is gone.

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