ORB - Media Freedom

So a friend of mine turned me onto Orb. I installed a winTV PVR 350 TV Tuner and then installed Orb 2.0 and was up and running with TV anywhere. Orb can be an affordable alternative to SlingBox and it allows you to schedule TV program recording and also watch live TV. The MPEG-2 is about 2GB per hour of recording. You can then run a DivX converter to reformat the video to a smaller file size.

"There are several tools that convert DVR-MS to DivX. I have tried many and found one that i like a lot. This tool is called Dr. DivX. The latest version is free! Download it from this site: http://labs.divx.com/DrDivX. You might have to install the latest DivX codex as well. Download the free version here."
- Steinar Aasheim's Blog

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