Why I Got's to Wear a Helmet?

Have you ever been snowboarding and hit your head falling down the mountain? Well the first time I went snowboarding 5 years ago, I did that snowboarding out of the rental shop at SteamBoat. It hurt, it hurt bad...and I walked immediately back in and rented a helmet. Many of my friends mock me for wearing a helmet while snowboarding, so maybe the RibCap will alleviate the ridicule.

"Utilizing the incredible new d3o technology, Ribcap is designed for athletes that prefer not to wear a helmet, but would still like to protect themselves. d3o is a revolutionary new material that is soft and flexible during normal use, but upon impact its molecules lock together, stiffening the material and providing superior protection! The material then softens again immediately following impact! By combining a wool cap with d3o, Ribcap makes you look good while providing you with excellent protection!"
- DirtSurfer

[via CoolTools]

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